Street Lighting in the Village (Update as of March 2020)

Residents will hopefully note that the replacement street lights on Mill Lane have now been installed.

The Parish Council is not aware of any new street lights which need repairing.  If you notice a street light is not working or is on all day, please contact the Parish Clerk using the contact form on this website and advise the location of the street light.


Vacant Allotments

The Parish Council is pleased to advise that it has a number of allotments for rent on Pinewood Drive in the Village.  You must live in Camblesforth to be eligible to apply for one of these tenancies.

Applicants should contact the Parish Clerk, Andrew Crabbe, via email, or by telephone 01430 410383 to register your interest and obtain more details.

Allotments will be issued on a first come first served basis.


Notice of the 2020/21 Precept

The Parish Council has unanimously agreed to a 3% increase on the overall council tax precept from last year.  Therefore, in the financial year of 2020/21 Camblesforth precept requirement would be £22,906 which will be paid in two instalments of £11,453, paid in April and October 2020.

Cllrs made this decision based on a understanding of inflationary factors on services needed for the village as well as financial commitments on a number of ongoing projects in the village, including the new playground equipment and plans to ‘pretty-up’ the village with flower beds and pots.

Parish Council finances are discussed every month at the Parish Meetings and members of the public / residents are most welcome to attend and see how the Council spends its money to benefit the whole community of Camblesforth and improve the village in which we live.


Parish Council Notice Boards

Many of our villagers will have noticed the new Noticeboard in the Memorial Garden.  Cllrs have now agreed that the noticeboard outside of the shops will no longer be used, mainly because water is leaking into the board.

Therefore the Parish Council will maintain two boards going forward

Memorial Garden – will feature news and also post the agenda for the monthly meeting – this obviously can also be found on this website.

Brigg Lane (near the Beauty Parlour) – will contain the summary notes of the monthly meeting – again these can also be found on this website

If you have a social activity or organising an event that you would like featuring on the website and notice boards, please contact the Parish Clerk who will arrange for this to happen (see ‘contact’ on this website)

New Start Time for Parish Meetings

Parish Council Meetings – Change to start time

In order to avoid inconvenience to other users of the Church Hall, please note that the commencement of the monthly Parish Meetings will be, with immediate effect, 1915, which is fifteen minutes later than the normal commencement time. The date of the Parish Meetings (third Wednesday in each month) will remain the same.

The minutes of the March meeting will record the above changed, sanctioned by a majority vote of Councillors and the Standing Orders will by duly amended.

Thank you