Hanging Baskets in Camblesforth


The Parish Council has now installed the hanging baskets in the village along Brigg Lane and Mill Lane. We hope villagers will enjoy these as they grow and flower over the next few weeks / months.




As previously mentioned Cllrs are hoping this is the just the beginning of efforts to improve the look of the village and next summer we will be looking for other projects and hopefully more involvement from residents to ensure the Parish Council is giving the village what it wants.

The Parish Council would like to thank local business Adams Nurseries (who are based in the village) for all their work in helping Cllrs with this project and also Dave Marshall, our village grass-cutter / handyman, who will water and deadhead the baskets over the next weeks / months.

Cllrs welcome any comments / feedback on the new baskets as well as any ideas / suggestions for similar projects.


2 thoughts on “Hanging Baskets in Camblesforth

  1. So pleased to see the hanging baskets, thank you. I hope they will look lovely over the coming weeks.

    1. Avatar for Council Administrator

      Council Administrator

      Hello Corrine…. The Parish Council is pleased to hear you like the hanging baskets and we hope you will enjoy them even more as they flower over the next few weeks.
      Andrew Crabbe
      Parish Clerk

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