New Playground Equipment

As many residents will know, last year, the Parish Council decided to invest in new playground equipment for the Brigg Lane Park, and is currently working with a local Company called ‘Ludus’ to make this happen.  Careful and effective financial management has allowed the Parish Council to budget for this project which we hope to have completed by the end of summer.

Of course at this time the playgrounds cannot be used, however, Cllrs feel that now is an ideal time to get the new equipment installed, so residents will see activity on the playground over the next few weeks and we look forward to a time when this will be open.

In the meantime, we shall feature some of the new equipment for the playground on the website over the next few weeks.

Cllrs would urge all residents to continue to observe the current restrictions put in place in line with Government legislation which prohibits the use of playgrounds in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19.


2 thoughts on “New Playground Equipment

  1. New play equipment always welcome, let’s keep the park tidy and nice place for everybody to enjoy.

    1. Good afternoon… thank you for your message and Cllrs agree that it is important the park and all green areas in the village are kept clean and tidy. Our village handyman cleans up these areas on a regular basis, however if you have specific concerns, please let me know asap and I will deal with these immediately. Please email me on

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