Hoober Homes Consultation Form

The Parish Council has asked Hoober Homes to provide a copy of the feedback form with regards to the proposed housing development in Camblesforth in case anyone has not had the opportunity to obtain one.  This can be found here

Camblesforth Consultation Feedback Form

There are a number of hard copies in the village shop as well.

Please do not return the form to the Parish Council – there is an contact details on the form.

It is important note that this is a not feedback for planning consultation, just feedback to get the views of residents before the developer submits a planning application at which time both the Parish Council and residents will be able to submit formal observations and if they support, object or are neutral.

Once planning application is issued the Parish Council will seek the views of residents on how they would like Cllrs to vote…. the application will be discussed at a Parish Council meeting.