Concerns for Safety on A1041 – Letter to Nigel Adams

As part of the Parish Councils campaign to make the A1041 safer for our residents, and bearing in mind efforts to resolve the issues locally have fallen on deaf ears, Cllrs have now written to our MP Nigel Richardson

A copy of the letter can be seen here.

Adams, Nigel Parish Council letter Sept 2020 (A1041 issues)

We shall keep residents up to date with progress

One thought on “Concerns for Safety on A1041 – Letter to Nigel Adams

  1. I have lived in the village for 15 years. I have witnessed numerous accidents. Indeed one of which caused significant damage to my boundary fence. The driver made off leaving his vehicle registration behind. The Police were informed, not even so much as an update. There have been fatalities on the 1041, granted not in the village. However due to the long straight nature of the road vehicles do not slow down when leaving the national limit. The Highways officer was approached regards the issues and I was informed there would have to be a fatality in the village for the speed limit to be changed. Absolute disgrace, no doubt the highways officer does not live in the village and their immediate family are not affected. Come on Selby District Council / North Yorkshire Police… Time for some positive intervention.

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