Notice of the May (Ordinary) Parish Meeting and the Annual General Meeting for Woodmansey Parish Council

Details of the postponed Parish meetings in May can be found below

Ordinary Parish Meeting for May Notice & Agenda for May 2022 Meeting (Camblesforth)

Annual General Meeting AGM 2022 Agenda & Notice (Camblesforth)

Residents are most welcome to attend both meetings.  As the AGM is a procedural meeting for Cllrs, residents cannot speak at this meeting, however there is a specific session at the ‘Ordinary’ monthly meetings for residents to raise anything they want the Parish Council to be aware of.

Notification and Agreed Agenda for the April 2022 Parish Meeting

The Parish Council is issuing notice of its April meeting which will be held on Wednesday, 20th April commencing at 7.00pm and held at Camblesforth Hall.  The formal notice and agenda for the meeting can be found here Agenda and Notification for April 2022 Meeting (Camblesforth)

Members of the public are always welcome to join Councillors at our meetings, either just to observe or speak to Cllrs – however if there is something you wish to raise, you must put this in writing to the Clerk at least 3 days before the meeting


Notice of Uncontested Elections for Camblesforth

Please be aware that Selby District Council have confirmed that Camblesforth is an uncontested election.  The full notice for uncontested Parishes can be found here Notice of Uncontested Parishes_2022V1 (3)

The existing Parish Councillors have confirmed their intention to stay in office for another year to serve the Community of Camblesforth.

Your Parish Councillors are

Neal Yates – Parish Chair

Steph Coleman – Deputy Chair

Neil Ball – Parish Cllr

Kevin Wild – Parish Cllr

Denise Kempton – Parish Cllr

Joyce Boyes – Parish Cllr

David Falcus – Parish Cllr

Our Annual General Meeting will be held in May due to the elections this year – further details of the Meeting will be published at the same time as the monthly May (Ordinary) meeting.

Notice of Election – Camblesforth Parish Council

The Parish Council elections scheduled for 2023 have been brought forward one year as part of the broader Local Authority restructure

As such Selby District Council has issued a Notice of Election which can be found here.  Parishes NOE May 2022

Further information on the above can be found here