Zero Selby Half Term Event! 


Selby District – AVS – Our Zero Selby Half Term Event! 
We are thrilled to announce our half term event, the Our Zero Selby Trail, which is running from Saturday the 19th February until Sunday the 13th March! ����������

Our trail is perfect for young people and families in and around the Selby area, to get out in the fresh air in your local area, have some fun and learn a bit more about Our Zero Selby and how we can shape our community in the face of climate change ��😵‍💫��

This event is the perfect activity to add to your list of fun for the half term holiday! ☂️☀️����

We’ve created a wonderful, winding trail! Our trail will lead you around 10 locations in Selby Town Centre by following our clues to find the unique questions! ��

Within our hunt, we are incorporating two lighthearted competitions which are as follows:
To find and answer our questions which you can find at every trail location! The answers for these will be found at Community House, where you drop off your trail worksheet.✅
To design and decorate your visions of Selby – make it vibrant, colourful and personal! Our team will then pick a winner which will be announced on the 13th of March, and you’ll get a special prize…��

Here are the instructions for taking part:
1. Collect your trail worksheet from
��Selby Abbey, ��Selby Library, ��Selby Hands of Hope Or ��Community House from Monday! ��
Or download below! ����

2. Start the trail! The worksheet will give you everything you need including an area to track your progress on the trail, an area for your answers to our questions, and a space for you to design and decorate your visions of Selby. ����

3. When you’re finished, you can find the answers to the questions at Community House. Return your worksheet at the end of the trail, by posting through the Community House postbox �� with your details on for a chance to win! You can also send a picture of the sheet along with your details to ��

4. Now the wait begins! The winner will be announced on the 19th of March and will receive a special prize.. However, just for taking part, you can collect a FREE Project: WILD iSpy booklet that will tell you all about our local wildlife. ��

So GET INVOLVED and join the Our Zero Selby Trail!
We can’t wait to see you this half term!

Tag us at #OurZeroSelbyTrail so we can see how you have got on! ��

If you would like any more information or would just love to get involved, please contact Charlotte at