Please be aware that Selby District Council have confirmed that Camblesforth is an uncontested election.  The full notice for uncontested Parishes can be found here Notice of Uncontested Parishes_2022V1 (3)

The existing Parish Councillors have confirmed their intention to stay in office for another year to serve the Community of Camblesforth.

Your Parish Councillors are

Neal Yates – Parish Chair

Steph Coleman – Deputy Chair

Neil Ball – Parish Cllr

Kevin Wild – Parish Cllr

Denise Kempton – Parish Cllr

Joyce Boyes – Parish Cllr

David Falcus – Parish Cllr

Our Annual General Meeting will be held in May due to the elections this year – further details of the Meeting will be published at the same time as the monthly May (Ordinary) meeting.