Formal Notice and Agreed Agenda for the May 2023 Ordinary Meeting

The Parish Council is giving notice of its May Ordinary Meeting which will take place at 7.45pm.  As already posted / advised this meeting will be preceded by the Annual General Meeting (7.15pm) and the Annual Parish Meeting (7.30pm).

The Ordinary Meeting will also have a visit from PCSO Annie Newbould to listen to any issues Cllrs and residents wish to raise – if you are unable to attend the meeting, but wish to raise anything with PCSO Newbould, you can write to the Parish Council with details and this will be raised with her.  We have already raised of concerns for poor car parking in the village (on verges and at junctions)

The Agreed Agenda and Notice for the Ordinary Meeting can be found here Formal Notice and Agenda for the May 23 Meeting (Camblesforth)

The notice for the two annual meetings has already been posted on the website and can be found here Notice of the Annual Parish Meetings for Camblesforth – Camblesforth Parish Council (

Please note that all the above Meetings will be held at the Chapel on Brigg Lane