Agenda and Formal Notice for the January 2024 Parish Meeting

Agendas Uploaded on November 16, 2022

The Parish Council has issued its agreed agenda and formal notice for the January Parish Meeting.  This will take place on Wednesday 17th January at 6.30 pm and will be held at Camblesforth School.

Cllrs will be discussing the parish precept demand for 2024-25 and making a decision if to increase, decrease or maintain the precept demand, which is the amount of money residents pay to the Parish Council as part of the Council Tax Base.

The Agenda and formal notice for the meeting can be found by clicking this link Notice and Agreed Agenda for the January 2024 Meeting (Camblesforth)

As always, residents and members of the public are most welcome to attend the meeting and do not need to book a place, however if you have questions for Cllrs you are advised to submit these to the Clerk at least three days before the meeting otherwise you may not receive an answer on the evening and instead have to wait a few days or more..