Closure Notice for the Annual Meeting of the Parish for 2024

This is to declare that the Parish Council received no notification of residents wishing to organise or attend the notified Annual Parish Meeting for 2024.

A meeting was still held on Wednesday 19th June 2024, however there was no resident attendance and therefore this notice will show as formal record of the fact, and as a matter of procedure, that the said meeting was opened and closed on 19th June 2024 with no matters raised.

There is still the opportunity for residents to write to the Parish Council and give their priorities over the forthcoming year, all letters / emails will be acknowledged and recorded and your name will not be detailed in any subsequent minutes (if you do not wish).


Write:      The Parish Clerk, 27 Willowgarth, Eastrington Village, Nr Howden.  DN14 7QP

Finally, Councillors would welcome the attendance of residents at our monthly Parish Meetings, held on the third Wednesday of each month at Camblesforth School, and commencing at 6.30pm