We welcome all to the Parish Council Meetings held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (except December) to make suggestions and raise community issues. Just pop along to the Chapel at 7pm and meet the councillors.


Here are the agenda’s for the next meeting;





Camblesforth Parish Council




A meeting of the Council for the above-named Parish will be held at The Church Hall on Wednesday, 21st February 2018 at 7.00 p.m.


The meeting will be open to the public unless the Council otherwise direct.





1.  Present and Apologies (Chair to confirm quorum)

2.  Declarations of Interest  (Chair)

3.  Financial Report

4.  Planning applications (Clerk)

5.  Any matters brought by members of the public attending the meeting and District Cllr report


6.  Matters arising – to consider new and on-going issues and decide further action if necessary:


Funding for projects in the village (possible visit from Kate Mills of Groundworks)

Community Litter Pick

Review and decision as to day of week Parish Meetings are to be held on

Website updates and proposal for Group Photo of Cllrs for new page


7.   Correspondence

8.  Any new or outstanding matters raised by Cllrs and update on actions

9.   Date of next meeting


Text Box: Notice

The Parish Council has voted on a 7% increase in the Precept Funding requirement (from last year).









£   20,179.13

 £   21,591.67


£       596.83

 £       446.29

Council Tax Precept

£   19,582.30

 £   21,145.38

Band D Equivalents



Band D Charge

£         38.70

 £         41.73

Increase (£)

£           0.00

 £           3.04

Increase (%)




This means an increase in your Parish Council Tax Bill of £3.04 per year.


Why do we feel an increase is necessary?

The Parish Council felt this increase was necessary because of increased costs in general maintenance across the village, including the fact that shortly NYCC will no longer replace the old fashioned ‘sox’ light fittings, so when these go out in the village, the whole fitting will need replacing and this means up to £1,500 per replacement.

This is added to the fact that Selby District Council will shortly be removing the grant we receive, and this year we have already started to see a reduction. 

Finally, the Parish Council is looking to fund some major projects over the forthcoming year, such as CCTV in the park area to combat the vandalism and anti-social behaviour there, improved Christmas lighting in the village and a review of the facilities in the park for our young people.


What Happens to the money the Council receives?

Every single penny is spent in the village….. “what is paid for by the village, stays in the village”.  The Parish finances are in a very strong position thanks to careful financial management over the past few years, which mean that we are in an excellent position to meet any financial challenges we may face.  We have had to replace the roof of the bus shelter on the Croft Road/Brigg Lane junction recently, which cost nearly £1,000. 

If our finances remain as robust as they currently are, then next year we might be able to look at a lower precept, but as a Parish Council, and on your behalf we want to make Camblesforth a pleasant and well maintained village, with safe facilities for our children to play on.

The finances are reported to the Parish Council each month and placed on the minutes and website.  However, all villagers are welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly meetings to see how the Parish Council work, and how we manage the finances on your behalf.


Any enquiries should be sent in the first instance to camblesforthclerk@sky.com


Thank you


Neal Yeats

Parish Council Chairman


To view the Agenda’s you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, if you cannot view please download Acrobat Reader here

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