Camblesforth Parish Council

Looking after your village, together

Picturesque Camblesforth


Our beautiful rural village has many local sights you may not have noticed before. Here are a few of them, can you find them in the village??


If you have any local images, or take a good picture, enter our competition! (details below)

Picturesque Camblesforth



The Parish Council is proposing to add a new page onto the website featuring photographs of village life and scenery, and taken by villagers themselves. The more creative, inventive and unusual the better. This may include social activities and events, aspects of farming and community life as well as local scenery.

To get this idea off the ground the Parish Council is proposing to start with a photo competition, something it may look at on a fairly regular basis if it is successful. Therefore with a closing date of 31st May, a 20 gift voucher will be awarded to the best photo received by this date, (judged by the Parish Cllrs).

However, all photos taken and sent in will be placed on the website with the name of the person who has taken the photo.

The Parish Council hopes this is an activity which lots of villagers will become involved in and at the same time hopefully show off our village to the wider world.

Villagers are therefore invited to send in up to two photos electronically to the Parish Clerk via email by the 31st May 2017