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We are all passionate about our village, and this website is designed to aid our community working together to enhance Camblesforth, the family village we love.

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The next Parish Council meeting will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (excluding December) in Camblesforth Chapel, we would love to see you there.




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Text Box: Notices




Parish Council has a number of vacant plots at its Pinewood Road site available for renting to residents of Camblesforth.

If you are interested in taking on one of these tenancies please apply in writing/email to the Parish Clerk


27 Willowgarth, Eastrington Village, nr Howden.  DN14 7QP.


The cost of the plots ranges from £15 - £30 per annum and rentees will be expected to maintain the plot to standards satisfactory to the Parish Council. 

Further details and copies of the tenancy agreements can be obtained from the Parish Clerk. Applications need to be received by 20th November in order for Parish Cllrs to consider at the November meeting – please note that if you have already made an enquiry you will still have to make a new application.


Internal Auditor


The Parish Council has a need for an internal auditor to review its finances on an annual basis before final submission.  The role will include a check of financial and banking documentation held by the Parish Council as well as offering advice on improvements.  A set fee would be paid for this service, which would suit a retired professional with a finance background.


If you are interested in undertaking this service, please contact the Parish Clerk, Andrew Crabbe as follows:


27 Willowgarth, Eastrington Village, nr Howden.  DN14 7QP.




The Park


Once again we regret to advise vandalism in the park area.  Several trees have had branches severed, some so badly they may have to be felled. As well as destroying a community amenity, this type of mindless behaviour is causing the Parish Council and everyone who pays Council Tax considerable amounts of money, which could be spent on far better things in the village and infrastructure.


We would urge anyone who has any information about this vandalism to contact the police, as below


PCSO John Marcus Darley

Collar Number 5681

Police Community Support Officer

North Yorkshire Police


Dial 101, press option 2 and ask for me by my full name or collar number.

If using my collar number please state each number individually.





     Important - Parents - Please be aware                


There have been a number of recent reports made of a man approaching young children at the park area.  Please urge your children to be very cautious and vigilant to any suspicious behaviour in or around the park, and remind them of the rule not to speak to anyone not known to them. 


If you are aware of anything suspicious behaviour please report the matter immediately to the Police.



Reporting Faulty Street Lights in the Village


If you notice a street light not working in the village please contact the Parish Clerk, Andrew Crabbe on 01430 410383 or

Alternatively you can contact NYCC direct and report the faulty light on 01609 780780 or online - You will need to give the location of the street light and if possible the number on the light pole. Thank you.



       Report Dog Fouling     


The Parish Council shares the concerns of many residents who have reported an increase in dog fouling in the village.  A minority of irresponsible dog owners are not cleaning up after their dogs on pavements, open areas and even more worryingly, grassed play areas.

The Parish Council will be working with Selby District Council’s Dog Warden to proactively manage this problem in the village and dog owners are reminded that they can be fined up to £1,000 if they do not clean up after their dog.

We would encourage anyone witnessing a dog fouling incident to report this to any of the Parish Councillors, Parish Clerk or alternatively Selby District Council, via their website


Dog owners – when walking your dog...

We would ask all dog walkers to note that all the public grass areas in the village (the park, Millennium Garden and Memorial Garden) are out of bounds for dogs, even on leads.  These areas are clearly sign posted as no dog areas.  Please respect these restrictions. The Parish Council will take legal action against anyone who wilfully and intentionally ignores these signs



Anti-social Behaviour

The Parish Council occasionally receives complaints of anti-social behaviour. If such an occurrence arises please report your issue to the police on their non-emergency line:

0845 60 60  247

So they can act to rectify the situation. We have raised issues with the police in the past, which they were not aware of and hence could do nothing about. Incidents can be reported anonymously and if you ask them not to call at your address they will of course oblige.

Please inform the Parish Council of any concerns regarding crimes, as we raise them at the quarterly Join Action Group (JAG) meetings held by the district council and North Yorkshire Police. Please email or come along to one of our meetings to let us know if there is an issue.