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Latest News from your Parish Council (November 2016)

Christmas Lights Related image

This year we are pleased to advise that the Parish Council has invested in some Christmas lighting for the forthcoming Carole Singing. 

More details on this event will appear on this site and the notice boards over the next couple of weeks and we are hoping to make this year extra special with this new lighting.


Fraudster Alert  Image result for no burglar signs


Please be aware of the following sent to Parish Councils in the district.

Over the past fortnight or so there had been a small number of residents in West Haddlesey mentioning some odd, but not overtly, suspicious activity in the village - people delivering leaflets, parked up in vans for an hour at a time, knocking on doors but not waiting for an answer...

It now transpires that we had been targeted by fraudsters who had been intercepting post kept in people's outside letterboxes. They had been using the resident's name and address details and putting in fraudulent applications for credit - bank loans, overdrafts, etc., - and intercepting the replies as they arrived in the post, the credit cards as they were sent, PIN numbers, etc., - whilst this was only discovered at the weekend, already one resident has found that a £10,000 bank loan (fully withdrawn) and a £10,000 credit card (maxed out) had been taken out in their name, and we suspect that there will be more to come to light.

Whilst the residents almost certainly won't be adversely affected financially, they will suffer a degree of inconvenience as they resolve the issues and clear their credit ratings, and some residents find it somewhat unnerving that these fraudsters are at work in the area.


Dog Fouling  Related image

Residents are once again reporting an increase in dog fouling across the village.

The only real way to stop this is if villagers report the minority of culprits who are once again giving the majority of responsible dog owners a bad name.

If you see someone not cleaning up after them, please report this to Selby District Council


Photos and articles for the website  Image result for pictures of camblesforth

If anyone has any ideas for the Parish Council Website we would be very interested in hearing from you.  Photos of the village and surrounding countryside, or matters of general interest, please contact any of the Parish Councillors and the Parish Clerk.  The website is your facility so we would encourage everyone to use it.


Parish Council response to recent large housing development (as sent to Selby District Council)

Re:       Observations of Camblesforth Parish Council with regard to Outline Application for             residential development including access on field to the north of A1041

Ref:      2016/1257/OUTM

Please find below the observations of Parish Councillors with regard to the above:

Observation No.1

Access to Brigg Lane/Barn Elms (site 2) - this junction would have its traffic increased by some 200% if this application was passed and as a result the junction and the bend on Brigg Lane wouldn’t be suitable for the number of cars using it.  There could also be an issue for the residents who live within 50 m of the junction and who park on the road because they have no off road parking. 

Access to A1041 from Selby Road (site1) - this in my opinion would put the users of the junction in unacceptable danger as any vehicle wishing to leave said junction left or right would be unsighted to the right, with traffic moving on the 1041 at or above 40mph. 

Finally, this application would increase the village size be more than 20% and for a secondary/out-lining/no-service village, this in my opinion is too large of a development.

Observation No.2

Planning was refused in March of this year for the proposed building of 80 houses and yet it is now resubmitted for 105 houses, plus 14 proposed in the grounds of Camblesforth Hall……. together with the 47 houses, already approved opposite the school, I believe the impact on the village of over 160 new dwellings will put not only the road system under considerable strain, but also other facilities such as the school.

Observation No.3

My objection is that the access road is not wide enough……… especially near the Chapel.  There are already enough cars parked in that area at the moment and with the bus using the route it will make it dangerous.  I would also question if the sewerage and drainage are robust enough to cope with extra houses.  In summary, I cannot understand why it is resubmitted when it was refused earlier.

Observation No.4

The road access of Brigg Lane/Barn Elms is not sufficient to cope with the extra traffic.  The parking of existing resident’s cars is already a problem.  Double decker buses/farm traffic already struggle to drive around the bend, this road could never be used as a thorough fare for traffic in or out of the proposed development. 

The local primary school would also need significant extra space/building and staff to cope with additional children as a result of more families moving into the village.  Would the school be able to offer spaces for what might be a large intake of new children?

Again, traffic is already a problem near the school and with the new housing having just been approved opposite the school, any new proposed development would only add to the congestion. 

I am in favour of providing housing in the village, however not to this size/scale.  I feel the approved development near the school is sufficient for the side of the village and its infrastructure and facilities.

Observation No.5

I am particularly concerned about access from 1041 and I agree with all the above.

Observation No.6

This development will fall totally outside of the village boundary.  Camblesforth is a ‘secondary village’ when it comes to future development.  Along with land near the school which already has permission, this would be a massive development, and which would totally change the character the village.

I also agree with the objections regards road access and traffic

In summary, the Parish Council objects to the current proposals on the following grounds:

Concerns for road safety and suitability at Brigg Lane/Barn Elms and also on A1041

Impact on the infrastructure of the village with increased traffic and concerns for drainage and sewage, particularly in light of another development in the village

Concern for ability of school to cope with increased intake