The hub of the community, Camblesforth Chapel. Home of youth activities, and a meeting place for much more!

We are all passionate about our village, and this website is designed to aid our community working together to enhance Camblesforth, the family village we love.

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The next Parish Council meeting will be held on the 3rd Monday of the month (excluding December) in Camblesforth Chapel, we would love to see you there.

**ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Monday 15th May 7pm**

Important - Parents - Please be aware                

There have been a number of recent reports made of a man approaching young children at the park area.  Please urge your children to be very cautious and vigilant to any suspicious behaviour in or around the park, and remind them of the rule not to speak to anyone not known to them. 


If you are aware of anything suspicious behaviour please report the matter immediately to the Police.

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Picturesque Camblesforth



The Parish Council is proposing to add a new page onto the website featuring photographs of village life and scenery, and taken by villagers themselves.  The more creative, inventive and unusual the better.  This may include social activities and events, aspects of farming and community life as well as local scenery.

To get this idea off the ground the Parish Council is proposing to start with a photo competition, something it may look at on a fairly regular basis if it is successful.  Therefore with a closing date of 31st May, a £20 gift voucher will be awarded to the best photo received by this date, (judged by the Parish Cllrs).

However, all photos taken and sent in will be placed on the website with the name of the person who has taken the photo.

The Parish Council hopes this is an activity which lots of villagers will become involved in and at the same time hopefully show off our village to the wider world.

Villagers are therefore invited to send in up to two photos electronically to the Parish Clerk via email by the 31st May 2017


















Open Gardens 2017

Proceeds from the Open Gardens will be shared between the Church and Yorkshire Air Ambulance, more information can be found here, including the Garden Schedule and Rules


Barlow are asking for a favour...

The Parish Council have been asked by our neighbours at Barlow to request if any villagers would be prepared to support an application for a right of way which it is understood many residents of Camblesforth already use to walk their dogs along.


Please refer to this map which shows the route of the requested right of way, and if you are willing to support this application there is a form from North Yorkshire County Council which needs completing here.  We understand this needs sending to the Barlow Parish Clerk, Sue Ross, contact details can be found on the map.


Thank you

Reporting faulty street lights in the village

If you notice a street light not working in the village please contact the Parish Clerk, Andrew Crabbe on 01430 410383 or


You can contact NYCC direct and report the faulty light on 01609 780780 or online -

You will need to give the location of the street light and if possible the number on the light pole. Thank you.

  Report Dog Fouling     


The Parish Council shares the concerns of many residents who have reported an increase in dog fouling in the village.  A minority of irresponsible dog owners are not cleaning up after their dogs on pavements, open areas and even more worryingly, grassed play areas.

The Parish Council will be working with Selby District Council’s Dog Warden to proactively manage this problem in the village and dog owners are reminded that they can be fined up to £1,000 if they do not clean up after their dog.

We would encourage anyone witnessing a dog fouling incident to report this to any of the Parish Councillors, Parish Clerk or alternatively Selby District Council, via their website


Dog owners – when walking your dog

We would ask all dog walkers to note that all the public grass areas in the village (the park, Millennium Garden and Memorial Garden) are out of bounds for dogs, even on leads.  These areas are clearly sign posted as no dog areas.  Please respect these restrictions. The Parish Council will take legal action against anyone who wilfully and intentionally ignores these signs